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We as saffas love to braai, it is in our nature- but there are always some risks involved when you cook over the open fire. While a braai is a fun experience where the entire family get-together after a long week, but it’s all too easy to get distracted.

Therefore, we have put together an entire list of braai safety tips for your next braai.

When you are using a charcoal braai, ensure that you apply the following safety tips:

  • If your clothing catches fire, STOP, DROP AND ROLL!
  • Ensure that you have something close by to douse your fire if needed, such as a fire extinguisher or bucket of water or sand.
  • Use braai equipment, such as LK’s Stainless Steel Silicone Tongs to safely operate the food on the grid without getting burnt. Refrain from using kitchen utensils to move food as you’ll burn yourself.

Note: The longer the braai equipment, the better!

Note: When lighting a braai, ensure the wind is blowing away from you, NOT towards you.

  • To avoid flare-ups, always try to keep your braai and braai grid clean. Use LK’s Grid Cleaning Kit before and after each braai.
  • NEVER ever use a flammable accelerant, such as petrol, oil, or paraffin to speed up the firing process for your braai. Closely stick to ONLY using briquettes/charcoal or LK’s Firelighters.
  • Always keep emergency numbers nearby in case of a fire. Emergency number: City’s Regional Fire Control of Cape Town No: (021) 590 1900. You can also immediately call 10111 and ask for the fire brigade.
  • Always set your braai up on a flat and smooth surface, far from fences, trees, overhanging plants or wood.
  • Keep all flammable objects away from the braai, especially when having a braai outdoors as the wind can change direction and blow embers in a second.
  • Don’t bury glowing coals in the soil, as they may seem “out” but are still glowing on the interior. Always ensure to douse coals with water to be absolutely certain they’re dead.
  • Never scoop ashes straight from the braai into a dustbin or wheelie bin. If coals are even slightly hot, they’ll melt the plastic in an instant and cause a major fire.
  • In the case of a serious grease flare-up, NEVER try to extinguish it with water as it will spread and flare up more. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby.


Did you know?

A grease fire occurs when your cooking oil becomes too hot. Heating oil occurs in phases.
Phase 1: The oil will first start to boil.
Phase 2: The oil will start to smoke.
Phase 3: The oil will catch on fire!


When you are using a gas braai, ensure that you apply the following safety tips:

  • Always check that all the components of the gas braai are in good working order and undamaged. Hoses need to be attached properly to avoid any gas leakage.
  • Repair any damaged components or buy replacement parts at your nearest LK’S stockist, before using the gas braai.
  • Don’t over-tighten joints, as it will deform the tubes and create cracks and gaps where the fluid will start to leak out.
  • When changing gas cylinders, make sure the gas taps are properly turned off and that you do this in an open, well-ventilated area. Avoid doing it in the house and around your kids and pets.
  • Never take your gas stove or gas heater in a tent, cabin or caravan if you are braaing on a cool evening and want to warm up the cabin. Braais and gas braais give off fumes even after use and should be left outside as it may cause serious health issues.
  • Always read instructions carefully about checking leaks and gas escapes from your gas hoses.

Note: If your gas braai does not come with a manufacturer’s instructions on how to check for gas leaks, then you can simply gather soap and water mixture and pour it over the suspected leak areas. If bubbles form, then there is a leak.

Braai Safety Tips

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