Christmas Braai Ideas For Women

Treat that special lady in your life, like your hardworking wife, your mom or mother-in-law, with our perfect range of braai products that will make her smile! You can’t go wrong with one of these budget-friendly and useful ideas this festive season.

No matter her age, interests or style, we've got something for every women that will make this her most memorable holiday season yet!

Enamel Cookware Range:

1. Lk’s Bread Pot

The best way to make homemade bread that tastes and looks like it came from a bakery is with this Red Bread Pot. What could be better than a warm slice of fresh homemade baked bread directly from the braai and oven? The lid is efficiently designed to keep warm coals firmly on top of it, so the bread bakes evenly.

LK's Bread pOT rED eNAMEL

2. LK’s No. 12 Green Enamelled Bake Pot

The flat, round cast iron potjie is perfect for potjiekos, stews, breads, puddings and other bakes. Made of top quality and traditional cast iron, the LK's enamel bake pots are perfect for any indoor or outdoor cooking experience. They’re coated with ivory enamel on the inside and fiery red, cool blue or lush green enamel on the outside, making them a must-have item in any kitchen.

LK's Green Bake Pot

3. LK’S No. 3 Blue Enamelled Potjie

Give your mom's kitchen an instant upgrade with LK’s Blue Enamel Coated Potjie. With its enamel coated cast iron construction food doesn’t stick to the surface. This beautiful potjie can be used on an open fire, on warm coals or on a gas braai.
Available in various sizes e.g. #1/4, #2, #3 and #4.
Available in Green, Blue and Red.

LK's Blue #3 3-legged potjie

4. Cast Iron Red Jaffle Maker

Every South African mom loves a tasty jaffle for a quick camping snack! Whether it’s a savoury option or sweet sandwich, this jaffle maker will leave your mom one blushing this festive season. It is made from traditional black cast iron and finished with a beautiful red enamel coating on the outside. It can be used indoors or outdoors on the open fire.

LK's Bread pOT rED eNAMEL

Cast Iron Cookware Range:

1. LK’s Bread Pot

Make mom’s day and gift her with this pure cast iron Bread Pot for Christmas. It can withstand intense heat and is therefore safe to use over hot coals or in the oven. Cast iron will last generations to come, so gift mom with an eternal gift.

LK's Cast Iron Bread Pot

2. LK’s Sauce Pot

If your mom loves making sweet treats and experimenting in the kitchen, then this Sauce Pot is a must-have. It has a heat resistant wooden handle that’ll comfortably fit in her hand, as well as an additional loop handle for hanging during storage.

LK's Sauce Pot

3. Cast Iron Skillet 22cm

Does your wife do the cooking using an old skillet that does not do the trick anymore? Replace her old skillet with a brand new one that’s equipped with a loop handle for hanging and that’s finished with 2x pouring spouts. Available in sizes 16cm, 22cm and 24cm.

LK's Cast Iron Skillet

4. Cast Iron Round Pan

If your mother-in-law loves cooking for the entire family, then we’ve got the perfect gift for her! Made from cast iron and enamel coating on the inside, we’ll assure you she’ll never stop using this pan. Cook and serve where everyone can dig in and enjoy seconds if they wish. Shop at your nearest LK’s retailer today!

Cast Iron Round Pan

5. Veggie Roast Rack

We’ve got a rack to cook your whole onions, brown mushrooms, squash, stuffed peppers & stuffed potatoes to perfection! Simply place this stainless steel rack next to your open fire or in your kettle braai or gas braai. This technique of indirect cooking creates the most amazing flavourful and juicy veggies.

LK's Veggie Rack

6. Grilling Basket

Your perfect veggie companion! This stainless steel basket is the best basket to use to roast veggies, stir fry, seafood & toast- your all in one solution. The design of the basket ensures that your food is left with a delicious smoky taste, every time.

LK's Grilling Basket

Coffee and Camping Lovers:

1. Blue Coffee Pot 1.2L

Enjoy delicious hot coffee straight from the Coffee Pot. This 1.2L Coffee Pot has a lid and carry handle and is perfect for home or camping use.

No more Christmas blues with this beautiful blue enamel Coffee Pot!

Blue Coffee Pot 1.2L

2. Coffee Percolator Set

The best Coffee Set yet! This coffee percolator set is suitable for use on a gas stove or a wood fire. Brew coffee for the entire family, at home or away.

This beautiful blue enamel set includes:

  • 1x 2 litre coffee pot
  • 1x percolator
  • 4x enamel cups with stainless steel safety lip

LK's Perculator Set

3. Tea Pot 2.5L

There is nothing better than tea or freshly brewed coffee served from our fine teapot that's stylishly finished off with blue enamel.
Shop at your nearest LK’s retailer.

LK's Tea Pot

4. 13 Piece Camping Set

Gift your hardworking wife with an entire kitchen in one set! We’ve got you covered with everything your wife will need for her camp kitchen.

This 13-piece set includes:

  • 1x Kettle with lid
  • 1x Pot with lid
  • 1x Pan
  • 4x Plates
  • 4x Cups

LK's 13 Piece Camping Set

5. Double Walled Wine Cups

Cheers ladies! These stainless steel cups keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for longer. You’ll never use another cup again. These are perfect for anyone on the go or having outdoor adventures.

LK's Wine Cups

All the gifts mentioned in this Guide are available at your nearest LK’s retailer.


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Christmas Braai Gift Ideas for Women

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