Christmas Braai Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of the year where planning for Christmas gifts can become a little overwhelming, as Christmas is around the corner! Does your little one enjoy helping dad around the braai? We’ve got a list of perfect gift ideas lined up for you to ensure that your kid(dies) will create new memories around the fire:

1. 107/28 - Kiddies Toaster & Apron Gift Set

Teach them while they're young so they grow up to be “Braaimasters” with their own Kiddies Toaster & Apron braai set!

This set is perfect for kids that love to help around the braai. Not only can they help mom prepare braaibroodjies in the kitchen with their little apron, but they can also braai their own meal, with the help of dad’s supervision.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Standard LK’s grid (250 x 250 mm)
  • 1 x LK’s Kiddies Apron (800 mm)

The grid is designed to have a long handle to prevent your kids from getting too close to the heat of the open fire. This will ensure that your kids too can do their own braaing.

Very important: Kids must ALWAYS be under adult supervision when using their Gift Set.

2. 113/14 - Kiddies Braai Set (4pc)

Do you want to teach your kid to prepare, braai and clean whilst enjoying themselves simultaneously? We’ve got the ultimate Kiddies Braai Set for your little one!

The set includes:

  • 1x Kiddies Grid
  • 1x Short Tongs
  • 1x Short Grid Brush
  • 1x Mild Steel Braai that’s equipped with foldable legs for easy storage

Let your kid have the ultimate braai experience by taking it along for your December camping trip.

Very important: Kids must ALWAYS be under adult supervision when using their Braai Set.

3. 107/16 - Mild Steel Grid – Kiddies Braai

Two things that bring family together like no other is Christmas and a lekker braai. Let your kid join in on the fun with these amazing kiddies braai gifts.

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Christmas Braai Gift Ideas for Kids

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