Does Lk's have a showroom?

No, unfortunately not

Can the public buy directly from Lk's?

No unfortunately not. Our products are only available in nation wide stores. Please contact us directly if you are looking for a product in your area

Is the Salad Tong (102/7) available in other colours?

No, our Salad Tong is only available in red

Does LK’s manufacture custom made braai grids?

No, we have standard sized braai grids and flat grids available

Is the Fireplace Log Burner’s tray available separately?


Is the Turbo Gas Lighter’s stainless steel pipe available separately?


Can the LK’s Enamel Colour Pots be used op open fire?

Yes, the LK’s Enamel Colour pots can be used on open fire, but should not be placed in warm coals.

Can you wash the LK’s Ceramic Bricks?

Yes, it can be washed in your dishwasher or with a mild soap and warm water

How much meat does the LK’s Biltong Maker take?


What is the maximum weight you can add to the LK’s Rotisserie?


Do you sell AC/DC Adaptors for the LK’s Rotisserie motor?

No, these are available from your nearest hardware store

What size gas cylinder should the Turbo Gas Lighter be used on?

Any size up to 7kg

Do you sell wood and charcoal?