We’ve put together a list of braai essentials that’ll help you host an unforgettable braai experience on Braai Day!


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Must-Have Braai Essentials:

1. Braai

This is the most important element of any braai- the braai itself!

Whether it’s a built-in braai or a portable braai made from stainless steel or mild steel, you need a durable braai that can withstand any heat. The Entertainer Braai has everything you need in a braai, from a zinc plated grid, ember maker with heat shield and accessory hooks to name a few. Choose a braai that fits your needs and wants here

2. Lighter

Don’t struggle with matches to light your fire! Light away with LK’s premium range of Gas Lighters

3. Firelighters

Get any fire going in an instant with LK’s firelighters. Braaing is one of our most loved South African traditions, and now we have an environmentally friendly way to enjoy this special occasion, keeping our beautiful country clean and green. Eco-Lite’s Firelighters consists of 8 individually wrapped firelighters in biodegradable packaging, which lets you enjoy the convenience of simply lighting the wrapper.

4. Tongs

Once you have your fire going, you need LK’s famous multi-purpose red tongs to move piping hot wood/coals, and work with your meat much easier. It’s a life-saver when it comes to braaing.

Available in short-, medium-, long and extra-long, you now have a tong for every occasion.

Tongs by the fire

5. Coal Scoop

Every braai master has a LK’s Coal Scoop, whether you want to add more coals under your potjie/meat or clean your braai afterwards. You can simply hang the scoop as it’s complete with a hanging loop for easier storage.

6. Potjie

Braai + Potjie= a proud South African tradition!

To make a delicious potjie at a braai with all kinds of traditional flavours, you’ll need a long-lasting pot that can withstand any heat temperature! Whether you want to make fresh homemade bread, stew or pudding on the braai, we’ve got the potjie for you- available in different shapes and sizes.

Explore our different cast iron and enamelled cookware below:

Cast Iron: https://lks.co.za/cast-iron/

Enameled Cast Iron: https://lks.co.za/enamel-products/.

7. Grids

What is a braai without the grid? Braaing snoek, mielies or need both your hands to pack food on the grid? LK’s has got a grid for every need. We’ve got a hands-free grid where you free up both your hands as the grid lid locks in and stays open so you can braai like a true braai master!

Explore our extensive range of grids here: https://lks.co.za/braai-grids/.

8. Grid brush & Grid Cleaning spray

There’s nothing worse than wanting to braai and realizing the grid hasn’t been cleaned from the previous week’s braai! Now, cleaning your grid has never been easier- simply spray and scrub all the dirt from the grid and have it spotless for the next braai.

Braai and Grill Cleaner: https://lks.co.za/product/braai-and-grill-cleaner/

Wire Grill Brush: https://lks.co.za/product/105-54-wire-grill-brush/

Brush Cleaning Grid


9. Braai Wipes

Introducing LK’s Braai Wipes! These all-purpose hygiene cleaning wipes is perfect to clean your hands after touching fatty meat and your sticky braai tools.

LK's Braai Wipes

Final Thought

Now that you’ve got all your braai essentials, you’ll need to know how to host the best braai for family and friends. Our ULTIMATE SOUTH AFRICAN BRAAI GUIDE will take you through everything you need to know, from the best types of wood to use to the best time to braai.

You’re now ready to have the best braai ever!

Braai Essentials for Braai Day

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