115/4 – Rotisserie – Standard Pronged


  • Frame
  • Rotisserie shaft
  • Rotisserie motor

  • Screw-in shaft and prongs now fit most dishwashers
  • Allows for easy and compact storage

Code: 115/4
Material: Chrome Plated Mild Steel
Size: 500 x 650 mm


– The Rotisserie Kit has a high quality 650mm rotisserie rod, with unique screw in shaft , made to fit a Rotisserie Motor.
– The Rotisserie Motor runs off batteries and can take a weight up to 5 kg’s.
– Its durable casing allows the motor to endure high temperatures whilst braaing.
– It is easy and safe to use with little noise.
– Motor can also be used with mains adaptor

115/4 – Rotisserie – Standard Pronged